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Shades Of You

artistic view of your inner world

Welcome to “Shades Of You”. We are bringing forth a collection of hand-illustrated digital art. 7000 masterpieces on Ethereum.


Who are you today?

"Shades Of You" is a collection of 7000 eccentric personas. Over 300 hand-drawn traits by Ukrainian founder and illustrator @mellmenati. Her life's work is seen in every Shady. Legend has it that each Shade mirrors a part of the holder's soul.
Shadies is a welcoming community of art-focused, open-minded members. Who's goal is to support and evolve creativity, share happiness and joy.

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An astonishing 1/1s set with 20 peculiar characters, features into 4 uniques groups.





Special Giveaways


Ownership and IP

Over 200+ hand-drawn traits with stunning combinations

NFTs & Merch giveaways and future NFT projects airdrop to SOY owners.

SOY NFT owners have full commercial rights to the SOY they hold.

Fair Prices

Collecting one NFT from initial sales costs 0.05 Ξ. No bonding curve or tiers.


Equal Chances

All common, rare and super rare are distributed fair and randomly.


Making the ShadyVerse

👻 What is The ShadyVerse?

It is a universe where all the Shadies live-- and you are invited.

🗺 Map of The ShadyVerse

There will be different thematic locations accessible on our website, where you'll be able to write your #ShadieStories and connect it with a Shady you own. 

For the original SOY collection, you ask? Its location will be the Shady Café🌝

Meanwhile, our second big upcoming pfp collection will be named, "The ShadyVerse". This collection will be made available for free only for holders of the original SOY collection. 

📖 The First Chapter

The ShadyVerse collection is going to be dropped by parts. Each part is going to bring new habitants for a certain thematic location, opening with this drop - the first chapter. 

This first chapter will include: 
- The Mermaid book🧜🏻‍♀️ (a children's book illustrated by Natalie @mellmenati)
- 1000 mermaid characters (free to mint for SOY holders)
- "The Lake of Mermaids" location (where you can collect stories about your mermaids)

⭐️ And More

We're also planning to have some specialties for holders of each part of ✨The ShadyVerse ✨

Expect the following updates: 
•New website
•Collect art pieces and collab with 1\1 artists to form The Shady Gallery
•Storytelling contests and activities 
•Shady Shop (merch)

Founding Team



Professional digital illustrator: started as game illustrator, but found herself in a digital artwork and book illustrations. Her unique art-style is a life work, and NFT happened to be a way to share it with the world

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Nerd to the core. 10+ years of experience. Previously CTO of a small startup. Now full-time crypto & NFT. Handling Discord & Twitter. Crypto degen since 2017

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